As the safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority, we have introduced a number of preventive measures to minimize the risk of infection during your stay at our apartments.

Our apartments are cleaned using top quality products from the Clinex line – these products widely are used in the hotel and catering industry. Our cleaning service follows a strict sanitary protocol and disinfects sanitary facilities, all countertops, tables, cabinets, desks, door handles, buttons, TV remotes and other items used by our guests. The apartments are disinfected using Clinex Dezofast – a disinfectant with a biocidal product license No. 8010/20, effective in removing bacteria, fungi and viruses, including enveloped viruses, such as the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

All of our high-quality bed linen and towels are transferred to a water laundry operating with the use of self-dosing systems provided by One Technology Sp.J. after each use. They are washed using ADEZ 300, a special cleaning product that is absolutely safe for our guests but ensures top quality bactericidal, virucidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effects. The cleaned textiles are also put under thermal treatment in an industrial ironer, which heats up to a temperature of 180 ° C, disinfecting and additionally securing the bedding microbiologically.

All items and surfaces in the common areas i.e. door handles, handles, lifts, etc. are disinfected on a regular basis.

We have introduced a check-in system which requires no in-person contact, and continue to adhere to strict safety rules. Hand disinfectant is available at the reception, and our receptionists keep a safe distance and are always wearing masks.

Our entire staff complies with all guidelines introduced by the Ministry of Development in consultation with the Chief Sanitary Department for hotels / facilities / guesthouses during the COVID-19 pandemic.